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High school Drop Outs Who Made it Big


In the United States alone, there are around 1.3 million students each year who decide to dropout of high school and not finish their education. The statistics for these people does not look good when it comes to how successful their careers are after leaving high school. Along with the 1.3 million who drop out, there are millions more who consider it, some to do better things with their time and some believe that they can survive without an education. Generally speaking, dropping out of high school should be absolutely discouraged but there are some people, who have gone on…

The Oldest Universities in The World Still Open?

oldest universities in the world

Think your alma mater is old school? I got news for you, it has got nothing on these antique colleges. Here are some of the oldest universities in the world that are still open. University of Bologna While old Bologna might not sound so hot, we aren’t talking about a sandwich here. We are talking about a still running college that is almost 1,000 years old! The University of Bologna in Italy has been around since before the middle ages and is still running. It features 11 different “schools” of study from veterinary to psychology. The alumni of this university…