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How your smartphone can now replace doctor visits


Technology has always been an important facet of medicine. It has improved the efficiency of the health care industry, created lifesaving methods of treatment, and helped improve the overall health of large populations. But what many people never would have guessed is that it’s now possible to use technology to replace doctor visits in your home, office, or anywhere in the world with your smartphone and internet connection. The Growth of Telehealth   Image via Flickr by jeffeaton. As technology has changed and expanded, many aspects of health care have changed along with it, and telehealth has emerged as an…

Does Your Company’s Data Center Have Everything It Needs?


Photo by CC user Wikieditor243 via wikimedia commons When you take a moment to think about it, your data is the heart and soul of your business. If your company’s data is breached and/or wiped out due to a natural disaster or some other calamity; your business can end up being gone too. With that being the case, what protections do you have in place so that your data is safe and secure? If the protections are lackadaisical at best, the time to change that is now. Make Data Protection a Priority For your business data to stay safe and…

Does Your Business Have the Edge Against Identity Theft Thieves?


Photo by CC user and What scares you as a business owner? There are a number of issues and problems that can crop up on an almost regular basis for those running their own companies. Some of the more common ones include matters such as slow economic times, difficulties with vendors, an employee or two who are simply not working out, budgetary issues when you need to spend more on sales and marketing etc. One issue that likely does not receive the attention it should is battling identity theft. In a day and age where identity theft thieves…