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4 Amazing Things Stem Cell Technology Could Do


Stem cell research is a controversial subject, but the burgeoning scientific field is yielding amazing results. Scientists have already used stem cells in cancer treatments, including bone marrow transplants for leukemia patients. The field of research is growing rapidly, and stem cell technology shows innovative results. Some of our toughest medical problems have potential solutions in stem cell research. Cures for Autoimmune Diseases Image via Flickr by Tareq Salahuddin MS, arthritis, diabetes, and lupus are autoimmune diseases without cures. The answer may lie in bone marrow stem cells. Transplants of healthy bone marrow stem cells into individuals with autoimmune disorders…

Lifestyle Company Le-Vel Donated $250,000 for Breast Cancer Research


It is every woman’s fear to be diagnosed with breast cancer. While breast cancer research marches on and some progress has been made, the cure is still elusive. Many conscientious companies donate their hard-earned profits to support breast cancer research, and consumers can read Le-Vel Brands Reviews to find out that the company has generously presented a check worth $250,000 to Rebecca Hughes Anderson, who is the Marketing Manager of the (NBCF) National Breast Cancer Foundation. The amount was raised thanks to Le-Vel Brands’ charity campaign to donate $5 for every sale of a limited edition of its innovative weight…