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Car Trends: Nissan Xmotion

Nissan Xmotion

Amongst the top tech-savvy SUVs is the Nissan Xmotion (which is pronounced “cross-motion”). Nissan Xmotion may look like an SUV on the surface, but once you take a step inside you discover a dense forest of technology. The concept car revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit was a shocker. With plenty of car accessories inside this features a total of seven digital touchscreens inside. But we don’t think this means you can play casino games at online casino sites and drive at the same time. The inside blends touchscreen displays, innovative control mechanisms and spare accents…

The 3 Fastest Production Cars Ever Made

fastest production cars ever

Have a need for speed? Being fast on the Formula-One or NASCAR track is one thing but being fast straight out of the showroom is something entirely different. A fast production car is something you can (or could have) purchased from the factory at some point, meaning these mean machines are street legal. Ever wondered what the fastest cars available on the open road are? So get your driving gloves ready and buckle up, here are the 3 fastest production cars ever made. Aston Martin One-77 Only 77 off these James Bond-esque speed machines were ever made. Each featuring 7.30-liter…