Car Trends: Nissan Xmotion

Amongst the top tech-savvy SUVs is the Nissan Xmotion (which is pronounced “cross-motion”). Nissan Xmotion may look like an SUV on the surface, but once you take a step inside you discover a dense forest of technology. The concept car revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit was a shocker. With plenty of car accessories inside this features a total of seven digital touchscreens inside. But we don’t think this means you can play casino games at online casino sites and drive at the same time. The inside blends touchscreen displays, innovative control mechanisms and spare accents to provide a look that’s both futuristic, and strangely rural but relaxing. This makes it one of the more aggressive attempts by an automaker in recent memory to sweep aside close to all the manual controls of the past and fully embrace a pixelated future.

Nissan Xmotion

The Xmotion is made up of three main displays, as well as left- and right-end displays that stretch the width of the instrument panel. In place of a rear-view mirror, there is a digital room mirror and a console display.  There is also a lot of wood trim. This seems like an attempt to offset the harsh futuristic glare of digital surfaces.

One of its top features is the fingerprint authentication which is used to start the operation of the Xmotion concept car. On the top of the console that’s where the fingerprint authentication area is located and when the drive touches it the opening sequence starts. After starting, a virtual personal assistant which takes the shape of a Japanese koi fish is awakened.

The interior the SUV concept vehicle is not the only nice thing on the car. It also features really cool exterior lines with sharp angles to accentuate details like the headlights. Not everyone can afford this car, some people end up trying their luck by visiting gambling sites such as The exterior was inspired by the combination of traditional Japanese nature views like Mt. Fuji with the electric and modern surrounds of the city. This complete the feeling of something that would be at home in Blade Runner as well as in modern Tokyo. This car can last!