Car Accessories trends 2017

There are many car accessories that can make your car cooler than an online gambler on a roll. We look at some of the top trends at the moment. Some trends come and go but some stay forever and keep on getting better.

Dash Cams

Dash Cams are currently trending and selling like hot cakes. A dash cam can view and record the road you are driving. It assists you when driving through motion detectors and usually, the lens can view a wide road up to four lanes of traffic. In addition, most of the dash cams have a parking monitor that records a short video clip when the camera detects motion while your car is parked. You’ll be able to see what happened to your car when someone bumped into it. Some dash cams inform you with the safe braking distance you should keep from the vehicles driving in front of you. If you’re a gambler at best internet casino, then you need to consider this feature.

A dash cam such as Thinkware X500 Dash Camera is equipped with built-in GPS system that records your car speed and location data for later viewing. Dash cams can help you with insurance claims in the event of a crash as it is caught on camera. The storage memory differs with brands but MicroSD cards are supported on most devices.

Radar Detectors

If you have a problem of getting speeding tickets, well this is a device for you. A radar detector is able to detect if your speed is being monitored by traffic police or law enforcement. It notifies you to reduce your vehicle speed before you get ticketed for speeding or police finding you using your phone or playing internet games at such as while driving. The devices have built-in GPS and alert you to upcoming traffic red-light and speed cameras on your way. Moreover, most of the radar detectors are effectively sensitive to most police radar bands. This is definitely a device that can reduce wasting money on speeding tickets.