Take a Trip Across Beautiful Canada and Fall in Love

Canada is a beautiful country with several world class cities that are great vacation destinations. From the cosmopolitan glamour of Toronto, to the flat out beauty of Vancouver, to rugged charm of Alberta, to the heavily European influence of Quebec City, you can’t go wrong when selecting a Canadian destination city for a vacation.

But what if you can’t decide which city to visit? Since each has its own distinctive features, What if you want to experience all of them?

The perfect solution in this scenario is for you to take a trip to many of the top Canadian cities on your next holiday to Canada. Here are the places you need to see:


Canada’s premiere city Toronto, is a holiday destination that no one would regret choosing. The city sits on the shore of beautiful Lake Ontario, and is the fourth largest city North America.

Toronto is a premiere destination that excels at delivering the best of the best. The city is rich in upscale dining with a wide variety of cafes, brasseries, and high-end eateries whose offerings are on par with Los Angeles and Paris and its shopping is comparable to Los Angeles, Hong Kong and other top shopping meccas.

There are tons of things to do outdoors with parks and green spaces throughout the city. For those who love culture, Toronto has museums and galleries galore. And for families, the city abounds in activities for young people including the Ontario Science Centre. Toronto is truly a city that has it all.

Quebec City, Quebec

For a totally different experience, try Quebec City which looks like you took a time machine back 400 years and landed in France. The city’s has a historic area called Old Town that contains classic architecture and quaint streets. The entire city exudes culture and charm and the locals will make you feel right at home.

Hugging the beautiful St. Lawrence River, the city offers sailing, windsurfing, and sea kayaking. Come to Quebec City for a romantic and relaxing getaway you won’t forget.

Banff, Alberta

For a truly picturesque vacation, visit Banff. Banff City is actually situated within a national park that has spectacular views of untouched beauty. The crystal clear lakes, gorgeous mountain scenery, and pristine valleys will take your breath away. And along with all of this beauty are included all of the summer and winter activities that one would expect.

Every year, visitors come to Banff to see its famous mountains and to enjoy the clean air and outdoor activities. And after all of the exercise, you can recline in the natural hot springs that will relax and rejuvenate your tired body. Come to Banff and have the time of your life.


On the west coast of Canada sits Vancouver, consistently recognized as the best city in North America for quality of life. Some say that Vancouver is gifted with more natural beauty than any major city in the world. In addition to it having Canada’s mildest temperature, it counts swimming, fishing and skiing as top activities.

Backed by the stunning North Shore Mountains, cuddled by English Bay, and with Mt. Baker, in the distance, Vancouver is beautiful all year round.

And in addition to its beauty, the city is truly world class. It is a multi-cultural melting pot making international food and culture its mainstay. In fact, the best Korean, Japanese and Chinese food in North America resides in this city.

The city is home to the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL and enough parks, museums and galleries to entertain any cultural aficionado. Finally, Vancouver is home to the best skiing in North America at its world famous Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.