From north to south: places to visit along the California coast

Of all the places in America to go on a road trip, California is ideally suited. From giant trees to sublime deserts, misty coastline to snow-capped peaks, it has almost every type of terrain you can think about.

If you have lots of time, we recommend you do the entire coast from north to south: below, we discuss the best itinerary you can do along this route.

1) Redwoods National Park

Not long after traveling into California from Oregon, you’ll encounter the first thing that makes California a great place: groves filled with massive, virgin redwoods.

Some of the largest and tallest trees on the face of the planet, the constant rains which roll off the open Pacific provide these beasts with the water needed to maintain their mass.

Hike among these giants, or if you are feeling lazy, drive along on a route which passes through the hollowed out trunk of a tree that fell a long time ago.

The coastal section of this park is worth seeing as well, as the rugged sea cliffs, wild beaches, and the sight of large swells crashing against the shore create an atmosphere worth experiencing if you love the outdoors.

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2) San Francisco

The first major city you’ll encounter on your drive down the Californian coast, San Francisco has long been a symbol of the American West. Home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, the infamous island prison, there will be plenty for you to see and do here.

At the centre of a tech boom over the past couple of decades, this city has more than its share of amazing restaurants – every night when you go out to dinner could be a culinary adventure, so don’t waste your time going to fast food joints (unless its In N’ Out Burger – definitely hit up that place).

3) Big Sur

The next part of your trip will likely be your favourite, as Highway #1 south of San Fran is the start of the Pacific Coast Highway. A scenic byway which takes in some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in California, it takes days to drive properly due to the number of times drivers stop to take pictures along the way.

Unquestionably, Big Sur is the highlight of the entire route, as it as if the mountains of Central California suddenly decided to tumble into the Pacific Ocean in this particular location. Don’t miss getting a picture of the Bixby Bridge – it is a stunner!

4) Los Angeles

After three days of driving, you will eventually make it to Los Angeles – the City of Angels. Home to America’s entertainment industry, this glitzy place will have you thinking you can make it to the silver screen as well.

From Hollywood to Rodeo Drive, Disneyland to Knott’s Berry Farm, there is enough here to keep you busy for a least a week, so make room in your schedule to accommodate this fact.