The Coolest Places to Swim in The World

When many of us picture the dream vacation, chances are it includes some sort of water. Whether it is a tropical beach, a mountain lake, or a wild water park; water is part of almost all our vacation plans. So where there is water there is swimming right? And if you are going to go swimming why not do it an interesting place. Here are the coolest places to swim in the world. So check them out next time you are planning a water-side trip!

Cenotes, Mexico

The famed cenotes of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula are a hidden gem in this well traveled country. Located just an hour south of the infamous Cancun, the Yucatan features a massive series of underground freshwater rivers. These water caverns, known as cenotes were only recently finished being mapped by cave divers. While you may not be adventurous enough to dive through these mysterious waters, there is plenty of opportunity to swim in the places where they surface. Mexico’s cenotes are definitely one of the coolest places to swim in the world due to their unique geology, clean water, and breathtaking scenery. There really is nothing like looking down crystal blue fresh water to what looks like an infinitely deep hole.
Krabi Province, Thailand

coolest places to swim in the world
When you see images of neon blue beaches and palm trees surrounded by “Avatar” style rocks jetting out of the ocean, while sun bakers lay in white sand, chances are that beach is somewhere in Krabi Province Thailand. Home to most of South East Asia’s most picturesque beaches and geology, the shear beauty, number, and uniqueness of these beaches make them definitely one of the coolest places to swim in the world. Not to mention this is the are where the quintessential paradise movie The Beach was filmed, featuring a young Leonardo Decaprio.

Grindivik, Iceland
We’ve covered the tropics so how about something “cooler?” Grindivik, Iceland features a natural pool known as the Blue Lagoon is heated by a nearby underground lava flow. A lava flow keeps the pool at a consistent balmy 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether it is the summer or depth of a freezing winter, Grindivik Iceland’s Blue Lagoon will keep you warm and provide for some amazing swimming and unbelievable photos.


If you are craving the postcard style swimming beaches of Thailand’s southern provinces, a warm freshwater underground Mexican cave adventure, or a bubbling hot spring in the midst of a blizzard there are all kinds of interesting and one of a kind swimming opportunities in this world these are just a few of the coolest places to swim in the world. On your next trip why not ditch the hotel pool and head to one of these locations for a truly once in a life time swimming opportunity and don’t forgot to pack your suit!