Best Summer Motorcycle Roadtrips in Europe

While usually when we think of a summer motorcycle road trip we think of a cruising a chopper down Route 66, the beauty and culture of Europe make it an equally ideal place for a summer motorcycle roadtrip. So if you prefer two wheels to four, Here are some of the best summer motorcycle roadtrips in Europe.

Bodom Circle

Finland’s Bodom Circle is not the most talked about of European motorcycle roadtrip destinations but it deserves more attention. This under the radar the route allows you to soak in the natural splendor of this beautiful Nordic nation and there is no better time to do it than in the summer. So pick out your bike, check out your map, and don’t forgot to pack your camera because you will be witnessing one of Europe’s most beautiful countries and freshest air from the back of your bike.
France’s D618

Well known for its culture, food and scenic beauty; France’s roads are no slouch either. France is a perfect entry point for both the experienced or beginner rider and the perfect way to break into European culture as well. A well known snaking route is the D618. The route provides some of the best views and mountain peaks in all of Europe and will give the rider the chance to experience the French country side in the height of summer will providing a challenging and fascinating ride ending up with peak views, perfect for sipping a glass of wine at (after you put away the bike of course.)
Agiofarago Gorge, Greece

best motorcycle roadtrips in europe
The slow paced,  private, and dusty roads of Greece’s island of Crete give cyclist some of the most unique scenery in the world, perfect for photography.  Greece’s Agiofrango Gorge routes provides riders with a bit more wildness than many northern Europes routes, with less road signs and posted speed signs; you must be a bit more careful but your carefulness is rewarding with the island scenery and the incredible culture of the Greek islands not to mention the beaches! With the current state of the Greek economy, it is also possible to travel throughout this region at extremely low prices, which makes it one of the greatest summer motorcycle roadtrips in Europe.

So whether you want the rugged beauty of Finland, the pastoral relaxation of France’s country side, of some time in the sun in Greece one of these summer motorcycle roadtrips in Europe should suit your fancy. If you prefer to travel alone or with a group, any of these three destinations has plenty offer either type of rider. So spend the winter saving pennies and polishing your helmet and you could spend the Summer cruising down roads you had previously only dreamed of.