Why France is the Ultimate Honeymoon Destination


France is known worldwide as the capital of love and romance. From its well-designed cities, each featuring gorgeous parks and boulevards for strolling, to sprawling vineyards, to beach destinations to snowcapped mountains…. France is as versatile as it is dreamy.


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Romance is everywhere

The obvious choice for many visitors is Paris, and for good reason too. Particularly romantic during springtime, Paris is a great city for holding hands, strolling around, and popping along all the cute corner cafes along your way. Paris also features some of the countries very best restaurants and nightlife opportunities. Be sure to hit up some of the capitals tourist attractions while you’re there too. Check out the Louvre, the Versailles palace, and if you can, a starlit dinner cruise is a great way to bask in the company of your sweetheart while viewing the city by night. Make sure you get an iconic photo in front of the landmark The Eiffel Tower, just as thousands of love struck couples have done before you.

For lovers of rosé, head to the perfectly charming village of Cotignac. Here the vineyards sprawl over the countryside, and the wine flows freely. Limestone cliffs peak out through the vegetation, and the coast is just a short drive down the road. On Tuesdays, the town transforms its main street into a grand open-air market, where fresh fruit and vegetables are abundant, artisanal straw hats and totes are sold cheaply and lavender is sold by the bunch. After a beautiful day exploring this charming town, head to La Table de Fanette, for decadent (often truffle infused) meals prepared by mademoiselle Fanette herself.

While in Cotignac, plan a day to visit the glitzy coastal town of Saint Tropez. Lounge at a beach club while sipping champagne or a fancy cocktail, and enjoy the people watching, trendy music, and the company of your significant other. Many beach clubs even offer massages for your enjoyment. Lay back, relax, and enjoy the start of your married life!

The chill of the Alpine snow is nothing against the burning fire of your love! The French Alps make a fantastic honeymoon location because lets face it, nothing says romance more then drinking hot spiced wine, while snuggled up by a wood fire. If you’re traveling in the winter months, which I recommend for this particular area, then the skiing here is magnificent. The adrenaline of rushing down the slopes is sure to have you feeling more alive than ever before. And, now that the pre-wedding dieting is behind you, be sure to indulge in some cheese fondue during your stay too, it’s a delight that really shouldn’t be missed out on!

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The French aren’t against a little PDA (public display of affection)

Ever wonder why we call it a French kiss? The French are all about lust and passion. In fact, it’s said that the term French kiss was introduced into the English language after the British and US soldiers returned home from World War 1 and wanted to replicate the way that the ‘adventurous’ French greeted their lovers. So, for all the love-struck honeymooners that can’t keep their hands off each other, France is perfectly welcoming to your passionate embrace!

Slow, luxurious meals

The French love to eat, and their food is some of the best worldwide! The French cuisine is very decadent, and chefs cook with lots of butter, cream, wine, fine cuts of meat, and prepare creamy, chocolatey desserts. The French are a folk that like to take their time to savor their food, and many restaurants are candlelit and well decorated. Make like a local and try to truly take your time to enjoy the company of your spouse over a slow dinner while sipping excellent French wine. If you’re not one for sweet desserts, try a cheese platter. French fromage is some of the best, and the plates come accompanied with yummy items like fresh grapes and jams or jellies.

Speaking French sounds romantic

Looking to wow your partner? Brush up on your French before you depart, and your sweetie will be taken to the clouds by the sound of your voice. Need more convincing that French truly is the language of love? Google has released the statistics that of all the translations made on Google’s translate service, 34 of the top 1000 phrases translated into French were about love, showing that people want to translate their love to French more than they do to any other language. The top ‘love phrases’ in French are ‘Je t’aime’ – I love you, ‘Tu me manques’ – I miss you, and ‘mon amour’ which translates to ‘my love’.

Take your honey by the hand and get ready for an unforgettably romantic honeymoon. Enjoy!

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