Best First Date Ideas to Land A Second

Got a big first date coming up and not sure what to? Is it with someone you really want to impress and dinner and a movie seems a bit tired? Don’t fear we can help, here are some of the best first date ideas to land a second date!

Head Outdoors
best first date ideas

You don’t have to be “one with nature” to have an outdoor first date. Other than usually being quite inexpensive, outdoor dates can also show that you are adventurous, interesting, and athletic. While the hike is always a classic, why not combine it with a picnic lunch to show you are a bit of a gourmet as well? A bottle of wine, some nice cheese, and a loaf of good bread will taste even better on top of a mountain after hiking for a couple hours. Just remember don’t go overboard with the hike, you don’t want to be fall down tired by the time you get to the top and you won’t know your date’s athletic level right away so be careful not to embarrass them. If hiking isn’t your thing but you still like picnics and outdoors, how about you go to an outdoor movie. Many cities offer free outdoor movies, so pack a picnic, a blanket, and enjoy a fun twist on the traditional dinner and movie.

Learn Something
A good way to impress your date and getting to know them is to enroll in a class. It doesn’t matter if it is yoga, cooking, guitar lessons or beer making; a class is a great ice breaker. It will allow you to show that you are someone who likes to try new things while ensuring both you and your date will get your guards down (not knowing how to do something is always humbling.) For best results, make sure it is something neither of you have done before. You want your date to be interested by learning a new activity and you don’t want to come off as show-off by being experienced at it already. Though classes can be a bit pricey, you can usually coupons online for these types of experiences.

While concerts are always a classic date idea, they can be very loud, making it hard to get to know your date. They can also be awkward if one person is way more into the band than the other. Music (or arts/films) festivals get around this problem by allowing you and your date to explore more. You can see many different types of music to find something you both enjoy, it will also give you the chance to talk while checking out the festival scene. Festivals can usually have good selections of food and shopping so you can combine multiple activities. Check you local alt-weekly and you can usually find something free as well!

These are some fool proof best first date ideas and if all goes well, you will definitely land a second. A little homework and a bit of planning will ensure a fun, care-free, first date. Good luck!