Five Fun Second Date Ideas

Considering you’ve managed to ask your new love interest out and your first date went so well that there’s the possibility of second, you’re doing incredibly! Why drop the ball now by allowing the second date to be boring or slapdash? Your second date is the ideal time to cement the initial connection formed on your first date, as well as a chance to prove that you are willing to put the effort in every time you meet.

So, here are five fun second date ideas that are sure to impress your partner and keep the romance alive.


Reciting poetry is one of many Fun Second Date Ideas


Go For A Picnic

There are reasons why picnics are a second date staple, they’re romantic, easy and significantly more laid back than the classic first date dinner. If weather permits, grab a picnic blanket and some snacks then head to your local nature paradise. Or, you know, a park if you live in the city. Of course, if the weather isn’t fantastic you can always lay a blanket down next to the fire in your home and have a picnic there.

Have A Date Night-In

If you feel comfortable enough around each other, then a night in is a fantastic time to get to know each other more intimately without all of the pressure. Make sure you have some fun activities in mind, like cooking together, watching movies or playing games. Just make sure it is something that you think both of you will enjoy. For example, if you both have a competitive spirit than now is the time to play Sporcle or even free online roulette or slots. There are plenty of free games available online that we’re sure will keep your evening lively, whilst Sporcle has quizzes for every topic you can imagine. For an added dose of fun, incorporate questions for every loss that your partner has to answer.


Go See Some Live Music

These days there are so many local musicians knocking that pubs and clubs often have live music nights. If you two are into music – something you probably asked about on your first date – then do a little research to see if any local establishments are hosting any bands. Hopefully the music will be fantastic, but even if it isn’t that means you’ll have a funny story to share forever.

Get Active

Whether it’s hiking, bike riding, paintballing, surfing, horse riding or swimming, if you and your new beau are active people then there are endless amounts of date ideas! Figure out what they like to do and plan an event around that, even if it’s just walking through nature. Instead of sitting around getting to know each other, you’ll benefit from all the natural highs that come with exercise and interacting with someone you fancy. It’s the best of both worlds!

Go For Drinks

Another classic second date idea is the bar. Or, alternatively, coffee counts as a drink. Plan a long evening of drinks and talking at their favourite place where they feel comfortable and get to know each other on a relaxed, cosy level.