4 Going Out Tips that Will Secure You a Second Date

DatingDating might have changed in some ways over the years, but even today, it can be a stressful experience, as we try to put our best image forward, in the hope of attracting a desirable partner. Often we meet someone in a group environment who sparks an interest, and this can lead to an exchange of numbers, which very often results in a date. If you are single and looking to change that, here are some great tips for impressing the partner of your dreams.

  1. The right Venue – This requires some serious thought, as it will be the backdrop for the encounter. Avoid anything too loud, as you are not partying with your workmates, rather you are trying to get to know someone interesting. If you happen to live in Western Australia, and are looking for cocktail bars in Perth, the ideal venue for a first date must be Gramercy Bar and Kitchen. The friendly, outgoing ambience and superb menu make this the perfect place to take your date, and with your personality, everything should be fine.
  1. Dress Well – Whatever your style of clothing, make sure you pull out all the stops for this occasion. Avoid anything too flashy or formal, and make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you choose. Being yourself will allow your date to see the real you, and you will come across as a calm and relaxed person with firm ideas and sound values. Women notice the little things, so well-groomed nails and clean hands are a must.
  1. Be a Good Listener – while you might have the urge to tell your life story, and as interesting at that might be, now is not the time. Show your maturity and interest by asking about your opposite’s life, and he or she will feel warmed and genuinely flattered that you show such interest. Talk about things you think you both might have in common, and if you can find one, then stay with that and see where it goes. In order for people to socialise well, they must have some things in common.
  1. Be Attentive to Their Needs– Apart from listening, you should be aware of your date’s needs. It never hurt to ask if they are too warm or cold, and make sure the service at the bar or restaurant is first class. If you live in Western Australia, there are small bars in Perth with the perfect ambience for a first date, and with a great selection of fine wines and cocktails, the scene is set for a romantic encounter. Opening doors and standing up when a lady arrives are both excellent habits to adopt, and with a calm and relaxed manner, the evening should be a great experience for you both.

The first date can either be a springboard to greater things, or possibly the end of a relationship before it even got off the ground. It all depends on how you both hit it off, and first impressions and the ambience will decide whether the experience should be repeated.