How to Know if Christianity is Right for you

Photo by CC user Lauri Rantala on Flickr.

Searching for meaning in this life? You aren’t the only one, as there is an emptiness to only seeking the things that are of this world.

As such, you have begun exploring various faiths so that you can become part of something bigger than yourself.

So if you just listened to TB Joshua preach and you are wondering if Christianity is the right religion for you, stick around so that you can find out why this faith might be the one that you are looking for…

1) The Christian God became mortal and died for our sins

We’ll lead off our pitch for Christianity with the fact that the God in Christianity became a human being roughly two thousand years ago to demonstrate his love for humanity.

In that time, He performed many miracles, communicated a guide for living an ethical and compassionate life, and most impressive of all, He subjected himself to one of the most painful deaths imaginable so that we might all be free from the bondage of sin.

If this isn’t a sign of an Almighty God that loves us all, what is?

2) The events of the Gospel and New Testament match up with archeological records

One of the biggest bones that skeptics pick with any religion is the fact that purported events that are described in their holy books have a tough time matching up to the historical record.

When it comes to the New Testament and The Gospel, it has been found that all of the important events described in these chapters of the Bible has been independently verified through archaeological work done on the ground throughout the Holy Land.

With hard evidence backing up many of the assertions made in The Gospel and the letters of the Apostles, it makes it much easier to believe and have faith in Christianity.

3) All you have to do is accept Jesus as your Savior and repent

When it comes to deals, it’s hard to turn down the one that Jesus Christ has offered humanity. Many people are overwhelmed by the things that they have done in their life and think that they could never be admitted to Heaven by an immortal deity.

The Son of God changed all that when he died for our sins though, as all you have to do is believe in Him as the savior of humanity, and that you are truly sorry for your transgressions.

So long as you make an effort to stay clear of sins from the day that you begin believing in Him (if you do stray, admitting your sins when you commit them is key), you are bound for heaven under the protection of the Lord.

4) Christians are committed to social justice everywhere they are

Christianity wouldn’t be a great religion if it was only committed to saving the souls of those that believe.

Another plank of serving Jesus Christ is doing good deeds for those in need. By participating in almsgiving, you will be carrying out the will of the Lord through your deeds.

Part of getting to heaven is doing your part to help create heaven on Earth, which is something that every church in this religion is committed to doing in one form or another.