Exercises that Target Cellulite

Photo by CC user Sancho McCann on Flickr.

Though you can’t technically exercise your cellulite away, you can complete different exercises that help to both prevent new cellulite and to strengthen and tighten the skin above your cellulite deposits, making for a more even, clean look. If you find that the amount of cellulite you have is just too great and is starting to really bother you on a daily basis, then you’ll want to look into setting up an appointment with Sono Bello. They have locations throughout the entire United States, making it easy to find one near you. For more information, check out the Sono Bello Reviews.

Clockwork Lunge

This exercise starts off with you standing with your hands on your hips and your feet hip width apart. Then you’ll want to take a big step forward with your right foot and the lower your body down until your right leg is bent at a 90 degree angle and your left knee is almost touching the floor. Then pull back into your starting position. Next, take a big step to the right with your right foot as you bend your right knee and keep your left leg straight. Then return back to your starting position again. The next step is to then take a big step back with your right foot and then lower it until your left leg is at a 90 degree angle and your right knee is almost touching the floor. After this, you’ll want to repeat for 15 sets.

Plie Squat with alternating heel raise

The next exercise you’ll want to try involves you starting off by standing with your feet 3 feet apart and your toes pointed out. Then you’ll lower yourself down until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor. When that is done, you’ll want to push yourself back up into a standing position. That right there is one single rep. You’ll want to do about 15 of these if you can. Next take the same exercise and repeat with your right heel as you lower down. You’ll also want to do 15 reps of these. Lastly, do the same exact exercise but with you left heel being raised this time. Once again, another 15 reps is required.

Alternating Abduction Squats

Known as a fun exercise for many, you’ll start off by placing a weighted stability ball around a foot in front of you. Then you’ll raise your right leg and then touch the top of the ball with your foot. Once you have done that, now you’ll want to use your foot to swipe the ball over to the right side, thus landing with your feet shoulder width apart. Next it’s time to squat by bending your knees and your lower body down until your thighs are parallel to the floor below you. Next, push yourself back to your original standing position. Now it’s time to do the same thing with your left side. If you don’t have a stability ball, you’ll find that a Swiss ball will work just as well.

Lots of people enjoy exercising, and for good reason. Once you find the exercises that work best for you, you’ll find it hard to stop.