All-Natural Beauty Ideas For A Healthier Glow

We all want glowing, radiant skin, but many of us are going down the wrong track trying to achieve that goal. Buying expensive skin creams, diligently attending facial appointments, and scrubbing your face with every new cleanser on the market will rarely do the trick. At the end of the day, the softest and healthiest skin can most easily be attained through all-natural means. These ideas won’t strip your skin of its necessary natural oils, won’t leave you with rashes or side effects, and could be the tip you need to get the glow you’ve been searching for.

Your favourite tea could work for your skin, too

You know how great you feel after sipping a cup of all-natural green tea, right? Well the antioxidant power of your tea can easily be transferred to your beauty routine. You can use matcha green tea skin care to naturally soothe sensitive skin, fight the effects of ageing, and create natural radiance with no uncomfortable adjustment period. The antioxidants in the product will fight cellular damage and detoxify your skin.

Hydrate your body and skin

Your body needs water to function properly, so it’s no surprise that your skin and complexion will suffer if you’re not getting adequate hydration. Many of us forget to drink the amount of water we really need, especially in the hot summer months, and our skin can really bear the brunt of this mistake. Remember to get your fluids in, and incorporate extra-hydrating drinks like coconut water into your day if you’re feeling all dried out.

Reduce your intake of inflammatory foods

Some of us are more prone to inflammation than others. If you frequently battle with acne, eczema, rashes, and dry skin then you may want to work on bringing down the inflammation levels in your body. Sugar is one of the most common culprits here, and refined sugars don’t do your body any good in most cases, anyway. Cut down on these unnecessary sugars and see if your skin responds to the positive change.

Boost your collagen

Collagen is an essential element of skincare. It’s what keeps your skin toned, soft, and wrinkle-free, but it tends to decrease as we age or when our skin is exposed to toxins, excess UV rays, or an unhealthy lifestyle. You can do your skin a favour by boosting your collagen intake through supplements or nutrient-packed bone broth. If you do go the supplement route, seek out brands that use only high-quality ingredients rather than cheap, synthetic alternatives.

Work oils into your routine

If you’ve spent your life running away from oil because you fear it’ll lead to breakouts, it’s time to think again. Some natural oils can work absolute wonders for your complexion. Almond oil is a great healthy option for natural skin cleansing that softens and refreshes the skin, while raspberry seed oil can add extra moisture that you won’t get from any drug store day cream.

Incorporate aloe vera gel

Aloe has long been used as a quick soothing solution for sore sunburns, so it makes sense that it could also double-up as a treatment for inflamed, red skin. Try using a natural aloe vera gel to soothe your irritated skin when you see a flare-up.