Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis


Arthritis is a disorder that affects joints. It will cause pain and inflammation in the joints. There are different types of arthritis but the treatment of all of them focuses on the reduction of inflammation. There are foods that trigger swelling. For that reason, you should watch what you eat when you have arthritis.

Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis

We understand that you snack a lot as you play your online games (visit for healthy gambling tips). However, it’s important to take note of what you consume so you don’t hurt your health. Listed below are the foods to never eat with arthritis. Take heed.

Dairy Products

It is thought that dairy products contain a protein that irritates the tissue that surrounds the joints. For that reason, make sure you eliminate dairy from your diet. Instead, substitute dairy products with foods like nut butters, beans, quinoa, spinach and tofu.

Added Sugars

A high intake of sugar will lead to inflammation. A spike in advanced glaciation end products causes this. This occurs when fat or protein stored in the body interacts with sugar. Also, these products are known to accelerate ageing as well. Furthermore, processed sugar will cause cytokines to be released.


It is well known that tobacco is not good for your health in general. For that reason, people who smoke are at a higher risk of rheumatoid arthritis. This is because they damage bones, joints and connective tissue. Also, smoking will make arthritis treatment less effective. For those reasons, we recommend that you quit now. Find something to destruct you, play games, visit stadiums, place a bet on your favourite soccer team, visit friends, go to the gym, or jog.


Frequent consumption of alcohol will cause gout and gout is known to cause arthritis in the feet. Gout will stop uric acid from metabolising correctly. This, in turn, creates crystals that irritate the joints and cause inflammation. Also, excessive alcohol will force the liver to work overtime, thereby weakening it and causing more inflammation.   


Salt has the potential to cause inflammation. Therefore, reducing the sodium in your diet is a really good idea if you have arthritis. In order to achieve this, try preparing your own meals at home. This is because most packaged foods have a lot of salt as well as artificial preservatives.