Advice on having a fantastic experience and great short stay in London

So you´re heading off or planning to visit London for a short stay, but you aren´t exactly what you can accomplish in your two to three days there? London is a huge city, in fact, it’s the capital city of Great Britain, so you are right to be a little bewildered as to what you can do on your short stay. Take a look at the following points of advice to enjoy your stay in London:

Get mysterious at Stonehenge

Everybody has seen the pictures of Stonehenge and thought it would be great to go and visit it and see these mysterious stones from a first person perspective. Although not in the city of London, there are tons of agencies offering day trips in which you can take a bus to see Stonehenge and return on the bus in the evening.

Have some drinks in the pubs, clubs and bars

London has a plethora of pubs, clubs and bars to visit and enjoy, they are scattered all about London and cater to all different music preferences. Remembering to bring a fair amount of money with you is good advice as the drinks can be rather expensive, flashing to cash may help you catch someone’s eye, but if not, you can certainly find someone for the night at Cleopatra Escorts.

Visit Buckingham Palace

Visiting the place where the Queen of England resides and many of her predecessors is a great way to see some of the history of the United Kingdom. A magnificent building which is beautifully decorated it is a sight to behold. If you are lucky you can actually find tours which take you closer inside and give you the ability to see the Queen’s Guard marching along the grounds of the palace.

London’s open top tour buses

London, like many capital cities in the world offers an open top bus tour service. You can buy tickets from any tourist spot in the city and they hold information as to exactly where the bus is going to leave from. If you wish to check out London and takes some photos, then without a doubt take one of the open top bus tours.

Relax in Hyde Park

New York has Central Park, Mexico City has Chapultepec Wood and London has Hyde park. Sometimes you just want to relax, especially if the weather is good and Hyde Park is the way to do that. It has coffee shops, restaurants, weekend exhibitions and much more to enjoy. If you are missing nature a little then heading into Hyde Park will put an end to that.

Remember that using the London Underground as a means of transportation is the best way to get around the city and if you get confused don’t hesitate to ask one of the many employees that are working there. London has a great deal more locations and sights to see, so plan your trip well and remember to enjoy yourself as much as possible during your short stay!