What Tone Of Wood Suits Your Home?

Sometimes you can be so unaware of the dramatic effect that the simplest of things have on a space. The same goes for your floor, in fact, without knowing it your floor can set the tone for the entire room so it’s important that you get it bang on. By coordinating your floor with your decor and furnishings it creates an overall flow and zen-like atmosphere throughout the home. That’s why we’ve created this guide to give you a little more information about the tones of wood floors that are available on the market today.

So lets start with the lighter option, pale and whitewash floors. This style of flooring is widely associated with the trend of Scandinavian themed decor. Using a more neutral and lighter palette throughout your home will allow you to lighten the space up and create a tranquil vibe. In addition to this, a lighter floor will help to highlight your furnishings and make them appear to ‘pop’ out. Light floors are a solid option for a home with modern or traditional vibes.

If you are after a more traditional feel then there’s always the option for rich, honey wood tones. This type of floor brings a familiar feeling of home with it and can easily pair with any space and decor. As with most shades, this tone is available in both solid and engineered wood and is widely regarded as one of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring.

You may think that the term cherry is only used when discussing food and flavourings, but cherry red tones make for a wonderfully luxurious wood floor. The implementations that cherry wood carries are that of a rich and warm feeling within the room. Line these up alongside some dramatic furnishings and voila, you have a rather expensive looking room.

Last and certainly not least we have what is probably the most common shade of wood, brown. This tone is well known as the natural shade of most wood flooring, but they’re far from boring. Nothing screams “home” like the earthy tones of a warm brown floor, but don’t think that you’re limited at just one shade of brown. Oh no! As well as an array of tones to choose from you also have freedom of the reigns when it comes to choosing a flooring grade too. The grade of the floor can really help set the tone of a room, for example if you are looking for a vintage/shabby chic feel then a light brown rustic floor would help you to create this. If you were after a more uniformed and cohesive floor then something along the lines of select or prime grade wood flooring would do the trick.

Regardless of the tone or grade you opt for, we’re confident that a stunning wood floor will transform any home and allow you to create the exact look that you desire.