Bathroom Essentials for Your New Home

You have just moved in to your new house or flat. You go to the bathroom and you see a boring and plain old looking room with just a toilet and a shower. Here is a list of bathroom essentials you should have to make it more functional and fabulous at the same time.

Mats and rugs

You must have something to keep your feet dry and to prevent the bathroom floor from being wet. You can place mats and rugs of different colours and designs to suit the theme of your bathroom. Make sure they are durable as well, and can withstand clean and dirty feet walking on them.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are a must in every household. You have to keep everything in your bathroom clean, from the toilet to the sink and freestanding bath. Use a disinfecting bathroom cleaner to kill all bacteria, viruses and moulds. Do not forget the toilet brush as well.

Trash can

You will never know the importance of a trash can until you don’t have one. Pick one that has a fun colour to compliment the theme of your bathroom.

Shower curtain

If your shower does not have a glass enclosure, a shower curtain is a must. Choose one with fun designs to keep your bathroom lively.

Toothbrush holder

It is an item you do not realise is important until your brush falls accidentally on the floor or in the toilet. If you have one of those bulky electric brushes, search for one that has a more accommodating holder.

Hooks or bars

You can place these on the wall or behind the door, where you can hang your towels or robes and keep them organised.

Soap and shampoo

Pick ones with a nice scent. If you do not want soap scum building up on your bathroom walls and shower floor, pick a liquid bath gel instead. Do not ever let these essentials run out. Everybody in the house needs them.

Extra towels

When guests come to your home, you might need extra clean towels for them. You can store them in the bathroom cabinet, rolled up, clean and ready to use.

Toilet paper

Every bathroom should have plenty of toilet paper. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing an empty toilet paper roll – when you need some. This must be always in stock in your bathroom cabinet.

The perfect mirror

If you are not satisfied with the built-in mirror in your bathroom, feel free to change it. A mirror can be a piece of art, it is not just for vanity purposes.

You can add accessories that can enhance the beauty of your bathroom as well, such as art hanging on the wall, fresh flowers, and candles. If your bathroom looks good and has all the complete essentials, just relaxing in your bath can be a wonderful experience.

Image: (Sira Anamwong)