Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking Like New

It’s a fact no one wants to see their clothes fade colours, their fabrics wearing out, and hems hanging loose. Keeping clothes looking new, like they are coming from the store, is not such a hard job. However, it requires precision and consistency in the regular cleaning and caring process, starting from the laundry room, closet, and body.

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Don’t Expose Clothes to the Sun for Too Long

To keep clothes looking new, one needs to be careful not to expose clothes to too much sunlight as it makes clothes colours fade. Be careful with lotion, spray, roll-ons, sunscreens, and hairsprays as they can stain clothes.

Wash with Cold Water

Clothes last longer when washed with cold water because hot water wears out fabrics more quickly. As long as your clothes are not as dirty as a kid’s clothes, do not wash them in hot water. Also, ignore the ‘wash with hot water’ instructions on your clothes if you want them to last longer.

Wash Clothes Inside Out

Please wash your clothes inside-out because this protects the important part of the garment from damages. The process of turning the cloth inside-out might be tiring, but it is worth it because, for example, garments with screen-printing get worn-out quickly if washed from the outside, especially if you use a washer.

Replace Chlorine with Vinegar

We just don’t know who told people chlorine bleach easily cleans dirty stains on garments. For long-lasting garments, use vinegar in place of chlorine because it won’t wear out fibers off your clothes, yet chlorine will.

Stick to Air Drying

Yes, technology is making work easier for you, but air drying is safer because heat damages fabric, causing shrinkage and colour fading, while it weakens the clothes in the process. You don’t need online casinos jackpot to buy clothes like this.

Store Clothes Correctly

For clothes that are dry cleaned, do not try the dry-cleaning process at home or wash the clothes at home because there is a reason for that. Make sure to store the clothes after having them cleaned because stains from body lotion may stain them. Hang your clothes on wide, padded hangers to keep the clothes in good shape, and avoid storing clothes in plastic storage.