How to Furnish an Apartment for Next to Nothing

Whether it is your first apartment or you’ve moved so much you have stopped counting, it can be very expensive. So when it comes to any chance to save money you should and furniture is a perfect way to cut costs. Here are some tips on how to furnish an apartment for next to nothing.

Get the Essentials First
While a trendy lamp or a fancy bookcase may look really cool, they may not be that essential. The most important tip on how to furnish an apartment for next to nothing is to prioritize. Make a list of most needed pieces of furniture, this is usually bed, couch, dining room, chairs, and so on. Once you have this list, pick the top three and focus on getting these items first. If you can get the most important things within your budget you can start adding other pieces when you see a good deal or when you can afford it. You don’t buy everything all at once. Another tip regarding the essentials is to buy higher quality, neutral styled essentials. While a retro-racecar bed may seem fun and gimmicky now, it may not go with the decor of your next place. With essentials like beds, sofas, and dining sets, stick with the classics for flexibility and use cheaper and more disposable accent pieces (like lamps and foot stools) to get more creative and funky.

Thrift Stores Are Your Friend
How to furnish an apartment for next to nothing
Go used and save big! Check out your local good will and make sure and pay attention to the ugly pieces. A quality piece of furniture can often be priced very low because of a few scuffs or an ugly paint job. If you have a little time and a little know-how you can transform a less than pretty piece of furniture into something modern that will fit with your decor. Not only will this save you money it will also add a very personal touch to your apartment and makes for a great conversation starter. Used and antique furniture also adds character to your place, making sure it doesn’t feel like an Ikea catalog.

Use Ikea Wisely
Don’t get me wrong, Ikea is great. They provide stylish furniture at rock bottom prices. So as long as you are not scared to assemble I highly recommend a trip to Ikea to help furnish an apartment for next to nothing. The trick to Ikea is knowing when to say yes and when to say no. Certain pieces from Ikea are a great deal, especially low end sofas and sofa beds, as well as many other items but not everything is cheaper at Ikea, sometimes you could get a much more unique piece for equal pricing. Also, it is tempting to make Ikea your one stop shop but this will give your apartment a very sterile and even a “college dorm” look, that is best avoided. So use Ikea for some pieces but throw in more personal pieces to add personality.

As you can see, it is definitely possible to furnish an apartment for next to nothing other than some time and bit of creativity. Good luck and remember don’t stress to much about furniture so long as you have a comfortable place to share with friends and family.