Air Conditioning Systems in Melbourne

Having the right air conditioning in the Melbourne neighborhood is extremely important. With the summer months getting quite warm, and often not getting very cold in the winter, you want to ensure that your air conditioning systems are working correctly. By doing so, you want to have the right air conditioners and regular service in order to keep your items in tip top shape. If you notice that you are getting higher energy bills during the summer months (if they suddenly spike), then you may want to consider your air conditioner as the prime culprit. They are machines, and therefore, they need proper maintenance and inspection on a regular basis, and they aren’t meant to last forever.

Regular Maintenance

Try turning on your air conditioner just for about an hour even during the winter months and double check that everything is working correctly. Air conditioning systems, especially when it comes to central air conditioning are only able to withstand constant use for about 10 years.

Having an HVAC or air conditioning specialist come and inspect your air conditioning system at least twice a year is a very important part to helping ensure that you don’t need repairs in the summer months (or even a replacement). You can also make sure that they use the right tools and many of them offer excellent products and service in order to fix or replace your current unit.

Practice Proper Heating and Cooling Practices

Another thing that wears your air conditioning systems down is using it too much, or not at all. The more you use your air conditioning unit, the more it’s going to get run down, and the harder it’s going to work in the future as it tries to compensate for the improper use. Don’t ever use a central air conditioner if you don’t need to. If the weather is just right and you have screens on your windows, then don’t hesitate to open them. This will get you the same amount of comfort in most cases.

Consider Different Alternatives

There are ductless and ducted heating and cooling solutions, as well as thermal solutions. In the greater part of Australia, most people generally have heating and cooling ducts, and a central air conditioning unit outside. This is normally also the cheapest option, and is still very cost effective to this day.

Hiring the Right Air Conditioning Company

You want to of course make sure your air conditioning company is a reputable one, has valid insurance, and all of the necessary certifications that they need in order to replace your unit. Many of them also have experience in being an electrician, as they have to have a lot of knowledge in electrical systems in order to properly wire and configure an air conditioner.


For all of your airconditioning Melbourne needs, you can hire Smoel for a reasonable price, speedy installation or repair of new parts, and they use the best products on the market that are still affordable and pay for themselves quickly during the use of their lifetime.