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Lifestyle Stagnation: Is it the Only Way to Financial Freedom?


A quick look at tips on how to gain financial freedom or secure a blissful financial future, and you would find that frugality is almost always listed, although in different forms. Understandably, and based on tried and tested financial practices, saving more and cutting down on spending can be effective. Then again, it is not unusual for financial prudence to be linked to lifestyle stagnation because you are required to let go of excesses that give instant gratification. That being said, does having to be financially prudent necessarily mean lifestyle stagnation? When you consider that the idea of lifestyle stagnation…

High school Drop Outs Who Made it Big


In the United States alone, there are around 1.3 million students each year who decide to dropout of high school and not finish their education. The statistics for these people does not look good when it comes to how successful their careers are after leaving high school. Along with the 1.3 million who drop out, there are millions more who consider it, some to do better things with their time and some believe that they can survive without an education. Generally speaking, dropping out of high school should be absolutely discouraged but there are some people, who have gone on…

Financing options for buying a home in Australia


Seeking out all the available financing options for buying a home in Australia? There are a number of ways you can go about raising the money required to purchase a house here. Below, we will discuss several options that will get you out of your rental loft and through the door of your first home. Honeymoon loans New to the housing market, and having a hard time finding an arrangement that will allow you and your partner to purchase your first home in a sustainable manner? If you find yourself in this situation, taking a honeymoon loan is a great…