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How does your household expenditure compare to a prime central London home?


The Office for National Statistics has reported an increase in household spending over the last few years. However, our expenses are yet to reach the level they were at before the Global Financial Crisis, with families currently spending around £22.50 less a week than in 2006. The Living Costs and Food Survey revealed that the average weekly household expenditure was £501.30 in 2012, £517.30 in 2013, and £531.30 in 2014. Families spend the majority of their money on food, transport, housing, fuel, and recreation with over 50 percent of spending allocated to these categories. EXPENSES OF A TYPICAL BRITISH HOUSEHOLD…

Most Awaited Slots to Play in 2017


In 2017, we are all expecting some top new slot games release coming from major developers in the online casino market. Though the numerous expo floors that took place lately, the main product being pitched the most were indeed the upcoming slot games. At, new slot games are being released all the time, and we have come up with a few of the much awaited slots that are expected to be released in the first quarter of this year.   Time Is Money A creation of Realistic Games, this five reels, twenty pay-lines online slot is themed on a…

How to get cash quick

earn cash quick

In a bind for a few bucks? Don’t worry it happens to all off us. Whether it is a emergency car repair or a massive vet bill; we all are in need of some quick cash from time to time. Here are fool proof ways to get cash quick. If You Don’t Use It, Sell It Have a guitar that has been sitting in your garage for a decade? How often do you actually use that expensive espresso machine? Most of us have a house full of seldom used items. Selling these items can be a perfect way to get cash quick…