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Lifestyle Stagnation: Is it the Only Way to Financial Freedom?


A quick look at tips on how to gain financial freedom or secure a blissful financial future, and you would find that frugality is almost always listed, although in different forms. Understandably, and based on tried and tested financial practices, saving more and cutting down on spending can be effective. Then again, it is not unusual for financial prudence to be linked to lifestyle stagnation because you are required to let go of excesses that give instant gratification. That being said, does having to be financially prudent necessarily mean lifestyle stagnation? When you consider that the idea of lifestyle stagnation…

10 Ways to Finance Your Vacation!


The decision to travel is exciting for your whole family, but it is also expensive. When you start to calculate all of the costs, you wonder if the trip is possible at all. Instead of disappointing everyone, including yourself, look into some options for financing the trip and enjoying yourself. Savings Account Depleting your savings account to travel is a bad idea; however, you are saving money for a reason. In fact, you could start a specific savings account just for vacations. Separating this money from your emergency money helps you to feel less guilty taking out of the account…