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Wedding Video Inspiration That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Wedding Video

If the big day is but a few months away, there is still much to organise, which will keep your mind occupied, and one of the essential services you really must track down, is a professional videographer to capture the day for eternity. The traditional wedding photographer has morphed into the videographer, who can capture high resolution still images and high definition video with the same device. While everything on the day must be perfect, your choice of videographer is particularly important, as the finished film will be cherished for many years to come, and your grandchildren will take great…

How to be sweet on a budget!

groupon coupons for proflowers

Any girl that tells you they don’t like flowers is lying. You know why? Because the flowers don’t really mean anything, it’s the gesture. That being said, flowers are expensive! So, why not save big on the flowers if just receiving them is what your loved one, mom, grandma, aunt, etc cares about? Smart, right! Well, now a days, people opt for just ordering flowers online as they are much cheaper than at the local florist, but, they still are pretty expensive for something that just grows in the dirt everywhere in the world. We at Eternal Diaries are here…

Best First Date Ideas to Land A Second

first date ideas

Got a big first date coming up and not sure what to? Is it with someone you really want to impress and dinner and a movie seems a bit tired? Don’t fear we can help, here are some of the best first date ideas to land a second date! Head Outdoors You don’t have to be “one with nature” to have an outdoor first date. Other than usually being quite inexpensive, outdoor dates can also show that you are adventurous, interesting, and athletic. While the hike is always a classic, why not combine it with a picnic lunch to show…