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How to Chat Online Using Dating Websites


Talking to new people online is being made easier thanks to the many technologies brought on by the internet. We can now message each other instantly, and even talk via the use of microphones and webcams; and this has without a doubt changed the dating landscape; for the good of course. But just because we can talk online doesn’t mean that we can get an instantly successful date; and as such there are things to say and not to say; to do’s and not to do’s. Let’s just take a look at those. Starting at the right place Ultimately, finding…

Hit up the Internet for Sex Ed 101


Photo by CC user Kurious on pixabay Even though some will say the Internet has some really bad things on it, many others will tell you that surfing the worldwide web has educated them in ways they could have never thought of before. That said how are you using the Internet to learn about a wide array of subjects? From how to find the best careers to where to go for healthcare advice, the Internet is chock-full of information. Another segment of information one can find on the Internet is learning about sex, notably how to have and enjoy sex…