Hit up the Internet for Sex Ed 101

Can you turn to the internet for Sex Ed? ... photo by CC user Kurious on pixabay

Photo by CC user Kurious on pixabay

Even though some will say the Internet has some really bad things on it, many others will tell you that surfing the worldwide web has educated them in ways they could have never thought of before.

That said how are you using the Internet to learn about a wide array of subjects?

From how to find the best careers to where to go for healthcare advice, the Internet is chock-full of information.

Another segment of information one can find on the Internet is learning about sex, notably how to have and enjoy sex minus contracting a disease, being accused of non-consensual sex, and more.

With that being the case, take the time to hit up the Internet for Sex Ed 101.

Educate Yourself on Safe Sex Practices

So that you and those you know have safe sexual relations, turning to the Internet can be beneficial in more ways than one.

To start off with, the Internet can provide you myriad of helpful tips on how to practice safe sex, how to talk with your partner about the dangers of not having safe sexual contact, how to improve sexual relations when one or both individuals are not into having sex etc.

When it comes to practicing safe sex, both individuals should be adamant about the male wearing a condom.

Yes, many couples (or two people not in a relationship) engaging in sexual relations will tell you that a condom takes much of the pleasure out of the experience. Stop for a moment and think about the pleasure of getting someone unexpectedly pregnant and/or contracting a sexual disease. Yes, not all that pleasurable.

Are Your Sexual Relations Really Great?

You can also learn about ways to go about bettering your sexual relations.

If it isn’t you, you likely know of others who are claiming from time to time that their sexual lives are anything but rosy. As a result, they find themselves miserable, looking for that magic wand that will change things.

Unfortunately, that magic wand oftentimes does not work.

Instead, two people will find their sexual relations to be downright miserable.

When that happens, they are left with the options of turning to counseling, not doing anything to improve the matter, or even ending relations once and for all.

If your sexual relations in the bedroom leave something to be desired, you can use the Internet seeking help in a number of ways.

For starters, turn to sexual counselors and psychologists who have Internet profiles.

Whether through their websites and/or social media pages, tap into what they have to offer to help people with sexual relation issues. Even reading an article one of them may have authored could give you and/or your partner some great advice on how to improve the sexual chemistry between the two of you.

You can also use social media to learn from other individuals/couples expressing frustration over their sexual get-togethers.

Read what they have to say on posts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Some may even recommend videos posted to YouTube as helping them turn their sex lives around from bad to great.

In some cases, the remedy can be as simple as changing your bedroom around.

Yes, a change in the bedroom could make one or both partners feel more comfortable, especially if one or both are not getting enough sleep. You might be surprised how much sleep deprivation and stress play into the mix.

Also look for advice as to how romantic getaways can spur one or both partners on.

If a couple is going through the same old routine day after day, their sex lives can certainly take a toll.

For something different, use the Internet to find a nice romantic weekend getaway spot for the two of you.

Finally, if you both decide that seeking counseling is the best route to go, be sure to both put 100 percent behind the effort. Nothing is worse than going to a counseling session, only to have one of the partners not mentally into it. Not only will you end up wasting money, but the relationship can become even more strained at that point.

If your sexual relations are stuck in neutral, are you ready to hit up the Internet for some help?