Zens’s Liberty Wireless Charger Delivers the Promises of Apple’s Airpower

When Apple promised to deliver its Airpower wireless charging pad in 2017, people were exited. However the product never saw the light of day.

Zens has however delivered on Apple’s promise as it is almost what Apple described. It matches almost all the functionality Apple promised and it has a high price just like Apple prices.

Why Apple Could not make Airpower a Reality

Rumours point to a number of things that include hardware that could not live up to design prototypes, heat controlling issues and inaccurate battery levels.

It was also supposed to accommodate the Apple watch which is based on the Qi slandered which is not as adaptive as the iPhone and AirPods are.

Liberty Wireless Charger

There are two versions of the Liberty Wireless Charger. One has a fabric cover while the other one which is more expensive has a glass top. The glass version is more appealing as it reveals the 16 overlapping wire coils inside. This is good for slot machines fans (machine à sous en ligne argent in French).

The Liberty Wireless Charger measures 8.8 times 5.3 inches. This means you will have to make more room if you plan to use it on a small surface.

The Charger is definitely worth its price tag. If you use it, you will see why.  Other wireless will require you to position your device in a specific position or use a hidden magnet to align devices. However with the Liberty Wireless Charger you can just plop your device down almost anywhere on its surface.

It has a 60 watt wall wart which means it can charge two devices at up to 15 watts each. The wireless charger is the fastest wireless charger so far. You can charge your smartphone faster with this gadget, you get to play real money online games popular sites such as cinemacasino.com after charging the device. You will not need to wait for 24 hours for your phone to be fully charged.

The Liberty Wireless Charger can charge smart watches that properly support the Qi standard. There is a charging port that is hidden cover.