What with the Carved Pumpkins on Halloween?

The thing with traditions and beliefs is that once we are born with them, we simply carry them out. The same is true with the carved pumpkins on Halloween. Every year, we celebrate Halloween and when we do, we never leave out the carved pumpkins. We mean, would it even be Halloween if we left out the carved pumpkins?

Talking of carved pumpkins, how did they get involved with Halloween in the first place? We understand the concept of winning real money while playing online casino games or betting on your favourite stars (visit worldbookies.com for more information) but pumpkins and Halloween?

Carved Pumpkins and Halloween

The tradition of carving faces onto fruits first started with the Celts. These were people who lived in territories of Western Europe namely, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Isle of Man. Nevertheless, how do these fit in the picture? Well, Halloween started in Europe many centuries ago and was brought to America and the rest of the world by Celts.

Therefore, to get down to the carved pumpkins, we need to go back to the Celts. Anyways, when the summer harvest ended, the Celts would then prepare for the dark winter. This they did by building bonfires in the fields.

Celts believed that spirits were hiding in the shadows around a bonfire. Therefore, as a way to guide each other to the bonfires, they needed lights. Now, these lights also had to be able to scare the spirits away.

So, they came up with the genius idea of carved faces in pumpkins. That way, they would have lights but the lights would scare away the evil spirits. Some people would rather stay at home and enjoy online sports betting because they are horrified by Halloween.

The Name Jack Lanterns

These lights were then later on known as Jack Lanterns. The name originated from the Irish. They learned the tradition from a man called Jack who is believed to have made a pact with the devil, who left him wandering the earth for a long time.