Five things easier to buy online

The way we shop has changed a lot over the last twenty years. Not long ago it was all about visiting bricks and mortar stores and making purchases over a counter. Shopping malls were the place to go and at time like month end they were crazy busy, and jam packed with people. But, while malls are still busy places, the nature of what is retailed in them has changed considerably as an increasing number of digital savvy people transfer their purchasing power to online stores. With this in mind, here is a quick look at five things that are easier to buy online.

In the drink

Alcohol and particularly wine, has proved a very popular purchase online. The reason for this is that people find it easier to buy wine by the box and it is much easier when that is delivered directly to the house. It is also a very easy thing to purchase because it requires no trying on. People know what type of wine they like, red or white, sweet or dry etc and there are plenty of places where reviews of different farms and years are available. A quick search for something like ‘online wine Australia’ will point you in the direction of where to shop and thereafter it is all very easy.


It doesn’t take a Nostradamus to work out that the future career prospects for travel agents are not very good. Less than twenty years ago any sort of overseas trip or travel would be booked through a travel agent. They would work out the best routes and the best rates, give guidance on visas and health requirements. But, while those are all still important things to work through, they are no longer the domain of the travel agent, they are all managed online. Tickets and travel have become an almost exclusive online purchase.


Increasingly people are buying their clothing online. As shipping has become more efficient and retailers more aggressive in their sales strategies, so issues like returns policies have made it easier to but items without trying them on first. So, no need to worry about the item when it arrives, if you don’t like it or you have queries, send it back. It makes clothes shopping very easy.


Charger cables, mobile phones, e-readers and cameras are all items that are now purchased frequently online. As with wine, the specifications and reviews of the products are all know and easy to find on the internet. So once a review of a product has you convinced of its worth, it is a simple process to find an online retailer and make the purchase.

Getting kinky

Sexy knickers and items intended for bedroom use by consenting adults are also very popular for online purchase. The is no need for the embarrassment of shopping for these items in public, for the slightly repressed who want to let it all go in the bedroom, online shopping for these ‘naughty’ items solves a whole lot of problems.