Helping Your Daughter Get Ready for the Prom – The Essentials

At the time of the prom a young lady is either a junior or senior in high school and one of the things that is most important to her is having a good time and looking good in front of her friends. The prom ticks both these boxes and others for her.

For parents of a high school girl, it is in their interest to make sure that prom is a positive experience for their daughter. They need to take an active interest in the prom and see their daughter have a great time with her peers. Here are a few things that parents can do so that their teenage daughter has the best prom possible.

The Prom Dress

The selection of the prom dress is one of the most painstaking processes that a young lady can go through. She will undoubtedly change your mind dozens of times before settling on the one that is perfect for her. You can expect her to go from a short prom dress to a long prom dress, from one that has lots of folds, to one that is plain and form-fitting.


The key here is to allow her to go through the different looks and styles and pick one at her own pace. She will undoubtedly ask your opinion several times and after you have told her which one to get she will then ask someone else’s opinion and this process will start all over again. You should direct her away from any overly suggestive dresses. In the end she will be very happy that you were there for her.

Help Her Plan the Night

You want her prom night to be well planned out with contingencies. Start from getting dressed in her beautiful prom dress and take her through to when her date arrives. She should be clear about how they are getting to the event, what they will do when they get there, how long they will stay, and that they will then come directly home.


She can also check in with you throughout the evening to make sure that everything is going as planned. Smart parents will also have trackers in their daughter’s phone so they are sure that their daughter is at the location that she claim to be. This will also help if something should happen and she ends up going off route either on the way to or back from the prom. Once your daughter is clear on what will happen during the evening, she will relax a lot and feel more comfortable about the night.

The Talk

The talk consists of you telling your daughter how proud you are of her taking on this new responsibility and how much you trust that she will do what she says she will. You also need to talk with her about how to be a responsible and respectable young lady and what she is and is not allowed to do with a date that night.


This type of talk might be very difficult to have with your daughter but it is extraordinarily important because you cannot assume that she knows these things or will make the right choices under all the different circumstances.


It may be difficult for her as well because it may seem to her as if you don’t trust her or that you don’t expect her to make good decisions. However it is very important to have this talk because these are things that you should never assume. So bite the bullet and have the conversation, in the end your daughter will appreciate it and so will you.

The prom should be a beautiful and fun event for your daughter. She will be there with all of her friends and have a chance to have a date in a safe environment.