Betting Offers and Results: Surrounding Newmarket Horse Racing

The Newmarket course welcomes horses every July to its sprawling 2 miles and 74 yards event which features a unique bend at the halfway mark. The main mile being a piece of the Cesarewitch course, and the last the straight Bunbury Mile. All races up to a mile are on straight course at the Newmarket Racecourse in Suffolk. Newmarket horse races betting offers and results can be found practically anywhere online, but we offer the site with the highest trust worldwide.

Newmarket is affectionately known as the Home of Horseracing. This isn’t just some title the town decided to bestow on itself to earn more tourism revenue, there’s actually very interesting history in this town and how it shaped the racing industry as we know it today. The town’s fascination with horse racing actually started in the 17th century and its conception was marked by the return of King Charles II. In fact, Newmarket just celebrated their 350th year in horse racing in 2016 which is mindblowing to think about. This town lives and breathes horse racing and houses England’s National Horseracing Museum at the Palace House.

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As mentioned, this is one of the most prestigious horse racing events the world has ever known. Needless to say, this is a difficult event for most people to travel to but you don’t need to when you book online. Get access to William Hill’s vast pool of knowledge for free and book online with their easy to use interface.

When wagering on races like the 2000 Guineas it is regularly useful to evaluate the past races on the day to give a sign of whether the position of the rails is affecting the draw. You have to watch the prior races around the same time. You’ll have access to all of this information and more from the experts at William Hill. Betting on competitive horse racing can be an extremely personal thing so it’s important to have a trusted ally to refer to before you place your bets. The course is marginally disposed towards the complete so steeds which go off too quick in the five or six furlong races battle to make the separation.

No matter who you decide to bet on this July at Newmarket, you should be confident in your picks because you could stand to win a good amount of money. It’s not all about the money, with Newmarket, but it definitely a motivating factor for a lot of people. Others are just happy to become a part of a tradition which started over 350 years ago and take their place in history. Newmarket could almost be considered the mecca of horse racing because so many people travel so far to be included in the experience. Use every online resource you can find at William Hill, like their betting offers and results articles, before race day so that you can make the most of this historic event.