Types of Shooting Sports

These days, everything can be turned into a sport. And due to the fact that it a sport, it means that we can enjoy it.

Today, we will look at the top shooting sports.

Most popular shooting sports

Bullseye shooting

Bullseye shooting falls under the category of pistol and rifle shooting. The aim of the sport is to get as many points by hitting the round target. This type of shooting sport pays a lot of attention to accuracy.

Those who practice this sport can shot at the bullseye with other rifles or pistols.

Filed Shooting

Filed shooting is also known as terrain shooting. In this sports, targets are shot from a terrain that has different distances.

Filed shooting can be played with either handguns or rifles.

Rapid fire

Rapid fire shooting focuses on how many times you can hit a set target within a certain period of time.

For this sport, shooters start with a gun in the holster every string of fire. The shooting range is from 10 to 50 yards. Casino sites as https://www.americancasinosites.com/ offer an online slots version of this sport, but gamblers win by matching 3 Rapid Fire symbols in one line. 

Clay target

In this type of sports shooting sport, you need to shoot at a flying clay pigeon from a given distance.

In this sport, targets are thrown in singles of in doubles. These are from two throwers that are called traps. These traps are placed 40 yards apart.  This is part of the clay target sport called skeet.

Another type for clay target shooting sport is the trap and double trap. Here, earth one of two traps are thrown 15 yards in front of the shooter.

Other Shooting Sports

These are not all the shooting sports as there are quite still a number of them. Like online casino game, shooting sports have torments and they can be done for free or for real money.

Some of the other shooting sports include running target, Long-range, Bucharest to mention but a few.