Sony Immersive Neck Speakers

We love the aspect of watching movies with earphones or just making sure that we have a full sound system so that we can hear everything that happens. Sony, however, seems to have all that and wrapped it up into one impressive package called the SRS-WS1. Haven’t heard about it yet, allow us to tell you more about and why you should get yourself a set.

The SRS-WS1 from Sony

At first, the SRS-WS1 looks like a set of deformed headphones. However, their shape makes them perfect to sit on your shoulders. And before you get ahead of us, no they are not Bluetooth speakers. However they are wireless, sounds a bit confusing, we know, we had the very same thought too.

The Sony Immersive Wearable Speaker is intended for your TV and not your smartphone. That would explain why its wireless but not Bluetooth.

With the SRS-WS1, Sony attests that you will have the full movie experience, both the sound and the vibrations. Giving you the real-life feel of that which you are watching it’s like playing live online casino sa games. To be but in simpler terms, this latest digital trend from Sony is here to end the reign of sandbars and other home theatre systems.

How does SRS-WS1 Work?

In order for you to use the SRS-WS1, you need to connect the transmitter to the audio output of your TV. It works with both analog or digital. The transmitter will then beam the TV’s audio to one of the two wearable speakers.

Both speakers are powered by an internal rechargeable battery and can go for about 7 hours. To recharge the SRS-WS1, you need about 3hours. The best part about the speaker from Sony is that you can wear it and still be in touch with your surroundings. You can also visit this casino guide to see which casino apps support this device. Which gets rid of the aspect of having to always remove your headphones when someone is talking to you.