How to Host the Best Youth Basketball Tournament for Your League

Dribble, dribble, shoot, shoot. Put that ball through the hoop! There’s nothing like healthy competition.

Watching kids that love basketball competing against each other in a tournament is the perfect way to spend a weekend. And while things seem to be pretty easy, there are some things worth knowing when it comes to organizing a youth basketball tournament.

If you’re interested in throwing the next basketball competition in your area, you’re not going to want to miss anything that we have to say below. We’re going to provide you with some tips that make hosting children’s sports tournaments easier done than said.

Start Planning Early

If you start planning early, it gives you the time and space you need if something arises. A last-minute crisis may be a team pulling out, or needing to find another vendor to supply concessions for the tournament.

When you’ve planned ahead, you’ll be able to get things done and solve issues like this without being thrown into a panicked frenzy.

Secure the Trophies

One of the things that children and their basketball coaches look forward to the most when participating in a tournament is the trophies. These acrylic trophies mean more to the children than anything because it’s a physical representation of the hard work they’ve put into making it to the top.

Ensure that you get your trophies from a reliable vendor that makes a high-quality product.

Select the Date and Venue

You might be wondering why these two factors go hand and hand. The reason is that some venues will be booked for other occasions before you give them a call. It’s crucial that you call venues to check on their availability and then request a date that you’d like.

We recommend having in mind at least 3 different dates that you’re willing to use just in case your first or second option isn’t available.

Team Registration

Teams can’t just show up to play; they will need to have registered beforehand. It’s easy if you set up a place online where teams can register for the tournament. They will need to include things like:

  • Team name
  • Number of players on the team
  • Liability waivers

When the basketball coach is making their way through the registration process, ensure that they have the information needed to submit the fees for participating in the tournament.

Select Your Staff

Without the proper staff, you’ll be running the tournament alone, and that is never something that you’ll want to do. You’ll want staff that can cover the front of the house ticket collection, staff to serve behind the concession stand, staff to help with clean up, and staff to run each court.

Ensure that those you select to work on the staff understand the times they will be working and how much they can expect to be paid for helping out with the event.

Youth Basketball Tournament: Crashing the Backboards

When you’re looking to host a youth basketball tournament, you’ve got to consider everything we’ve noted in our guide above. You’re going to want to make sure teams have a secure place to register for the tournament and take the time to hire the right people to work your tournament.

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