How to get cash quick

In a bind for a few bucks? Don’t worry it happens to all off us. Whether it is a emergency car repair or a massive vet bill; we all are in need of some quick cash from time to time. Here are fool proof ways to get cash quick.

If You Don’t Use It, Sell It
earn cash quick

Have a guitar that has been sitting in your garage for a decade? How often do you actually use that expensive espresso machine? Most of us have a house full of seldom used items. Selling these items can be a perfect way to get cash quick and simultaneously do some spring cleaning.  Ebay is a great way to sell items quickly while still getting a good amount of cash, so are sites like Craigslist. So if it doesn’t hold significant sentimental value and you haven’t used it in a while, consider selling some clutter to make some extra cash.

Car Title Loans
Got a car? Need some cash?  Car title loans are a type of loan that has the borrower put up their car as collateral. Car title loans such as these car title loans in Ohio can be one way to get cash quick. As with any loan please study the interest rates carefully (short term loans can often carry high interest rates), compare options, and do not take a loan that you can not quickly pay back. Just like a house, a car can be used as collateral to secure a loan you couldn’t usually get. Just make sure you payback the loan so you don’t lose your car!

Craigslist Gigs
Need to make some cash quick? Check your local Craigslist gigs section. Gigs are usually short term jobs that pay in cash, so it can be a good way to earn some quick money. Some tips are to look for something you are already good at, the more niche your skill is, the more money you can earn. With Craiglist you are often dealing with total strangers so be safe; it is always a good idea to share you locations or plans with others or even bring a friend along. Whether you end up pulling weeds for a day, or knitting a custom beanie for a someones birthday gifts, Craigslist gigs can be a solid way to earn some quick extra cash.

So whether you are going to clean out your attic or look for a short term gig there are plenty of ways to make some extra cash that don’t involve pawning everything you own or selling a kidney. Be smart, do your homework, and you can earn some extra cash in a responsible way so you can take care of whatever financial emergency you may have found yourself in.