Why Using a Funeral Director Makes Perfect Sense

There has been much talk in recent years about the spiraling costs of funerals, with many suggesting that conducting each aspect of the funeral yourself would be a far better idea. Although many more people are now looking to deal with funerals on their own, it is a decision which many have later come to regret. Naturally you should be looking to get the best funeral director for you, who can meet all of your needs and your budget, but to decide to conduct each area of the funeral yourself would be folly, and here is why.


Above everything else, this will be a horrendous time for you, losing a loved one is a painful and difficult time of your life. There will be enough going on around the home, with family and friends also being upset, for you to get involved in planning a funeral. Getting a funeral planned is about far more than simply calling the vicar and inviting guests, you will need to work out what to do with the body, arranging death certificates, possibly speaking with the coroner and arranging flowers to name just a few of the necessary tasks. Doing all of this whilst trying to mourn the dead is certainly not recommended.


Many people elect to plan a funeral themselves because of the cost of a funeral director and it is true that you could save money if you do it yourself. However you will only save money if you know exactly what you are doing, something which many don’t. Remember that a headstone is not the only cost of a funeral, you also need to pay out for the coffin, flowers, limos for the funeral day, cremation services – if you opt for that, as well as any refreshments which you may provide after the event. Costs can quickly spiral when you are planning this yourself and given the fact that you won’t be thinking too clearly, it can be easy to spend more than you would have through using a funeral director.


A funeral is about giving the deceased the send off that they deserve, to gather family and friends together in order to remember and celebrate the life of the departed. With this in mind you will naturally want the funeral to go without a hitch, something which you can guarantee when using a funeral director to handle all of the arrangements. Unfortunately when you are doing so on your own, especially given what you are going through, it can be difficult to ensure that you have organized everything, and a mistake or two is commonplace. Perhaps you forget to organize a song to be played in the church, or a particular reading which the deceased wanted. These details can leave a sour taste in your mouth after the service and you will regret having missed them.

Funeral directors offer a fantastic service and the truth is that they more than deserve the money that they earn, give yourself peace of mind, and concentrate on you and your family, leave the funeral to the pros.