Yoghurt Has the Ability to Preemptively Cure Cancer

Cancer has become one of the deadliest diseases and the medical sector has been working tirelessly to find the cure. According to records, over 145 000 people are diagnosed with cancer of the colonel rectum in the US alone. Come to think of all the cases and records that could have the world. It is believed that 35% of these patients eventually succumb to this disease and they die. The medical fraternity has been working tirelessly to find the cure, and who knew that yoghurt would be one of them? You can eat it while playing games, watching movies, browsing sports betting sites, chilling with friends or driving. 

Factors that Cause Cancer

There are so many risk factors that cause colorectal cancer, these include smoking, chronic bowel inflammation, obesity and also dietary choices. Some foods increase the odds of developing colorectal cancer. Red and processed meats could be also another cause. Researchers have also been trying to find ways of how to decrease the odds of developing cancer.

How Yoghurt Aids in Curing Cancer

It has discovered that men who had 2 or more yoghurt servings per week less likely to develop adenomas in the lower bowel. This means that this reduces their chances of getting affected by colorectal cancer. The same could not be said for women and they are still to discover the difference. The type of yoghurt they are referring to is the unsweetened yoghurt or greek. The reason why mass-produced sugary yoghurt is recommended is because it trades in yogurt’s healthful benefits for the sake of flavor. For those who prefer their yoghurt sweetened, you can always add your favorite fruit or add a bowl of muesli. You can also make a dessert that are to die for using yoghurt, for example the famous panna cotta.

Nowadays, it is always good to check your diet and to go for regular checkups especially for cancer. Even as a gambler for best real money online pokies, sitting down the whole day playing games can also have side effects. This is because, people are dying due to diseases they are not aware of, and so it is always wise to be in the light when it comes to your health.