Designs at the 2018 Met Exhibition

The Met Gala is the name of the annual Costume Institute Gala. It is called the Met Gala because it is hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This year the theme of the gala was heavenly bodies. The gala which features designs from many of the top designers is a charity event. 

Like all the other years the event was star-studded. It is these celebrities that make the donations to the institution. Over the years large amounts of money have been raised. 8 figure amounts that are common as jackpot prizes at top online casinos are being raised every year. 

However, the night is way more than the money raised. Even if this is money used to support the art. The real stars of Met Gala are the artists. This year the gala hosted designs from a wide range former Catholics and Catholics.

Heavenly Designs 

The theme of this year’s Met Gala was based on “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.  The designs that were featured as part of the collection included some original Papal Gowns from the Vatican. 

Celebrities attending the event did not disappoint. They all came wearing some very creative designs depicting heavenly bodies. Katy Perry came in an Angel costume that had jewels and feathers designed by Versace. The outfit almost caused a red carpet accident. 

Rihanna came dressed as the Pope and she was one of the best-dressed ladies of the night. Tesla CEO’s girlfriend comedian Grimes came wearing a Tesla choker. Some outfits need you to work hard at real money casino games. Lean bodied Kim Kardashian was dressed as a golden goddess. The controversial celeb had one of the sexiest outfits of the night. 

Looking Good for a Good Course 

The designers have their time but it is the celebrities that have the most fun. They get to wear outfits that would otherwise be unwearable on any other occasion. All the stars in attendance made an effort to look good. This is not the case in some years. Some themes are demand designers to be more creative to make outfits for a particular sex.