Bingo in the Sun

Why do we love being outdoors so much when the sun is shining? Well we simply cannot help it as natural exposure to the sun is something we need and is essential to our health.

This is because when we are exposed to sunlight our bodies produce vitamin D and this ‘’sunlight vitamin’’ helps us maintain healthy immune and nervous system functions. The lack of sunshine can lead to vitamin D deficiency and some parts of the world this is rather common. So what can you do to get yourself outdoors and soaking up some much needed sunshine?

Paddy Power bingo have the answer! They have come up with a great way to enjoy being outdoors and getting your dose of Vitamin D. Have a look at the infographic provided by Paddy Power at how you can enjoy the sunshine whilst playing a game of bingo.

Even though having a picnic at the park, playing a round of golf or sitting at the beach can be enjoyable, you may be looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors. Why not take your bingo card, chips and the family outside in the sunshine and play bingo a different way. You could even try creating your very own Nature Hunt Bingo with the children and hunt for rocks, leaves, bugs and many other natural treasures.

See other creative ways you can enjoy bingo in the sunshine below.