Put Some Imagination into Your Hunt

Put Some Imagination into Your Hunt, and you might turn your fortunes around this season...

Photo by CC user pocketwiley on Flickr

About how many times a year do you go hunting?

Whether you are an avid hunter of more of a casual one, there are plenty of things to put into play before you start off on the hunt.

For starters, what type of weapons you will take on your hunt, where your hunt will take you, if it will be on your own or with others, and how long you intend to be out there stalking your game are all things to consider.

That said are you willing to put some imagination into your hunt?

Be Prepared for All Circumstances

When you head out on a hunt, covering all your bases is important.

This includes:

  1. Weaponry of choice – While many hunters like to use a gun when going after their choice of game, others prefer something a little more challenging, specifically a bow and arrow. If you do opt for the latter, you might be thinking about making your target appear closer than it is to you. In order to bring it closer into range, turning to an item such as the Halo Rangefinder can do the trick. This gives bow and arrow hunters the ability to zero-in on their pray without alerting the game they are nearby. As any hunter knows, the ability to be disguised and as quiet as possible can make the difference between getting that kill and watching the animal or animals take off out of sight. If you need an item to help with your range, any hunting shop owner should be able to advise you on what is best suited for your needs, including financially;

  3. Location of the hunt – While many hunters tend to stick close to home during their hunts, others will venture off hours away from their homes. Whether you are staying close or far, be sure to map out the area you intend to hunt in. How close is it to the nearest town that offers normal services such as food, drink, gas, medical facilities? If you’re planning on going deep off into wooded areas, be sure to have an exit plan ready in the event you are injured, the weather takes a turn for the worse etc. Also scope out the area as to approximately how many other hunters will be nearby. As has happened before, sometimes you get too many hunters concentrated in one area. Unfortunately, this can lead to several issues. First, animals will tend to scatter wherever there is a large concentration of humans around. Secondly, too many hunters and weapons in one concentrated areas increases the risk for someone being accidentally shot. Best to do your research ahead of time, looking for an area of woods where you are all but guaranteed to be one of the few hunters there. Finally, while your goal is to blend in with the surroundings as much as possible, wearing something to distinguish yourself from the animals certainly doesn’t hurt. In many cases, hunters will wear an orange hat or vest to identify themselves to other hunters nearby;

  5. Transporting the kill – Assuming you are successful in your hunt, make sure you have the means to properly transport any kills out of the area. For large animals such as deer, trying to transport them in the back of the car or on top of the roof is not the best of ideas. Having a sizable SUV or pickup truck typically does the trick. Also make sure to properly freeze the parts you are intending to eat as soon as possible to lessen the chances of getting ill. Lastly, leave the area you were hunting in as you went in, relatively clean. Leaving a mess behind (litter) will not endear you to your fellow hunters.

Hunting can be one of the most enjoyable and unique sports going.

So your hunt can be nothing short of amazing, take the time to properly plan everything out from the weapon of choice to where you’ll stake your ground.

When you have everything properly lined up, you can even put some imagination into your hunt.

Just imagine coming home with the haul of a lifetime.

Yes, it can happen when you’re prepared.