How to Create a Professional Screencast with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac  

Movavi Screen Capture Studio can record anything that is happening on the screen regardless if you are in front of your computer. You can use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record anything including live video streaming, and flash games. It can work with all kinds of Mac programs without any problem. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a versatile screen recorder that you can use for a variety of purposes. It is capable of recording drawing in real time for example drawing lines when you are creating a tutorial in an image editing software.

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You can launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio to perform a screen capture session on TV shows that are streaming online such as BBC, CNN, online webinars and videos at YouTube and Vimeo. It is able to record both 2D and 3D games including Java and flash based games. It is suitable for recording demonstration on how to use a software or a video that answer the most frequently asked question on a subject. Students can use it to create a presentation that is required by their instructor. You can record technical issues on a software to show to the technical customer support staff.

Movavi screen and audio recorder for Mac can save the screen recording in a variety of formats. First of all, you must select the screen recording mode by resizing the rectangle window. Next, you are to press the record button to start recording the activities that take place in the particular area that you have selected. You can add a custom mouse cursor click effect by choosing the mouse cursor sound track from the computer. The mouse cursor can be highlighted in a custom color by using the color picker tool. You can adjust the size of the highlighter on the cursor by making the circle highlighter big or small. If you don’t want the screen recorder to record your cursor, you can uncheck the show cursor check box

You can choose to increase or lower the quality of the video by making adjustment to the frame rate. You can always look up the manual if you need help in using the software. You can save a high quality video if you want to copy it into a CD/DVD ROM. You can the video in a lower quality format so that it is smaller size and easy to email to your friends or share online. It has a built in microphone feature that can record the sound from the speakers. You can record both the sound input from the speaker or microphone as well as the video in a single recording.

The screen captured video that you have recorded can be edited without having to use a third party image editing software. The built in video editing tool features a timeline work area that supports drag and drop feature. All the tools that you need including trimming, rotate, crop and image enhance are accessible in the forms of button on top. Video clip files from your computer can be imported into the software to merge with the screencast video that you just captured. The length and settings of the screencast video such as resolution, frame rate and audio frequency of the voice input are shown in the lower right corner.

You can preview the screencast that you recorded in full screen mode. Movavi Screen Capture Studio has a built in screenshot capture tool that allows you to save the screenshots in a variety of formats including BMP, JPEG and PNG. You can copy the screenshot over to the clipboard during the recording session. It can output the screen recorded video into bandwidth friendly formats such as SWF and MP4.